The Squeezed Way
Is The Better Way

Our juice is squeezed fresh, 100% from fruit, no water added, and never from concentrate, so you get all the essential vitamins and nutrients. We use only 100% California-grown, non-GMO pomegranates and mandarins. And our bottles are BPA free.

It’s like getting delicious, fresh-squeezed juice from your own backyard fruit tree, but without the hassle. That’s the squeezed way.


Smack dab in the heart of California is the Central Valley, whose bountiful sunshine and temperate climate produces some of the most delicious fruit on the planet (and in our opinion, the most delicious.) This is where we plant, grow and harvest the pomegranates and mandarins which become Squeezed Juice.

We’ve spent generations here, honing our craft as farmers and supporting a hard-working community of folks whose life mission is to love and protect nature’s bounty. We know the soil, the climate, and how to make the freshest, most delicious and nutritious juice anywhere.


Our fresh-squeezed juice is all natural, so it keeps all its great taste, fiber, vitamins and nutrients. We don’t use concentrate like most other juices. Juice from concentrate means lots of artificial processing that removes the fruit’s water, a lot of its fiber, vitamins and – you guessed it – taste. One taste of Squeezed Juice and you’ll see the difference.